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21st June
8 PM
This Georgian townhouse, graced with original 19th-century interiors, sets the stage for an evening where the familiar transforms into the whimsical and nonsensical, inspired by the retrospective exhibition of Philip Firsov's surrealistic works.

The event is shaped by Maria Semushkina, a music producer and cultural entrepreneur. With over 100 festivals to her credit, which featured world stars of jazz, soul, classical, and world music, she is now the driving force behind London's CultLab.

Light up the longest night of the year with an eclectic mix of music and art at 32 Portland Place.
Take a virtual tour of Philip Firsov’s surrealistic artistry, showcased in the two parlours of the townhouse, which will form part of the event's space.
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Nikita Sukhikh - violinist, pianist, and composer, former orchestra member of the Bolshoi Theatre (2013-2022), member of the Oxford Philharmonic, and laureate of international competitions. He has performed in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, the USA, and the UK. He plays a unique 18th-century Italian violin. Together with pianist Irina Irianova-Shakhaldyan, they will present a vibrant and virtuosic program featuring music from the 18th to the 20th centuries.

Nick Suhick and Irina Shakhaldian
Gen started his musical career in Italy where he studied guitar, then toured in Europe with 3 different bands, then as a solo guitarist. Currently based in England, performing across the country with a new style of flamenco influenced solo instrumental guitar fusion. Experienced performer and composer, he lately performed at the Guildhall City of London, the Science Museum, and well-known venues such as Troubadour, 93 Feet East and at various bars and clubs, renowned art galleries, some local festivals, and performed 'on air' around UK radios.

Musical Duet of Romeo Kherkheulidze and Thomas Sikharulidze - they've been performing for 30 years since 1993. They've performed in Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room, The National Theatre, Red Hall Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival as well as many private occasions in places such as Hurlingham Club, Cliveden House, The Ritz, The Dorchester, Houses of Parliament, as well as Charity Events.
They've both studied in Musical College Institutes in Georgia.
Romeo & Thomas
18-year-old singer-songwriter from Moscow, Russia. Emerging from a conservatory background, her music is a harmonious blend of soft indie pop with classical elements. Varvara’s songs stand out for their emotive, heartfelt lyrics, expressive vocals and soulful melodies that linger long after the music ends. With a sincere approach to songwriting, Varvara strives to create a unique sound that deeply resonates with her listeners.

Varvara Sherman
Professional musical duo based in London that performs a unique format - New Age Piano and Sax Fusion. The diverse repertoire features both world hits and original compositions. Duo offers a versatile and dynamic musical experience that is sure to impress every guest.

The Royal Rhapsody
Nick Suhick and Irina Shakhaldian: Violin and piano
8 PM
Gennaro: Flamenco and classical guitar
8½ PM
Romeo and Tamazi: Georgian urban songs
9 PM
Varvara Sherman: soft indie pop with neo-classical insets
9½ PM
The Royal Rhapsody: New age fusion of piano and saxophone

10 PM
Jam Session
10½ PM
11¼ PM