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The studio is the result of many years of experience in the music field and creates projects in the fields of music, poetry and musical education
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Establishing cultural
connections around
Maria Semushkina is a leading cultural entrepreneur, promoter and producer, well-known internationally.
the world
After finishing her degree in journalism, she started to work with the French Embassy. Semushkina curated the Center of French journalism in Moscow, managed the French movie festival.
In 2004 she launched Usadba Jazz, which quickly became the biggest Russian jazz open air festival, well known and loved both by the Russian audience and Western musicians and industry professionals.
Usadba Jazz
Art Mania agency
Usadba Kids
Le Jazz
Other concerts
Currently Maria manages a number of independent projects, travels extensively and sees her mission in promoting the most talented Russian musicians abroad and establishing cultural connections around the world.
Previous Projects
XVIII-XIX century estates and palaces
jazz, blues, soul, funk, fusion, world music, and other improvisational genres of contemporary music.
among musicians
Branford Marsalis, Yussef Lateef, Marcus Miller, Avishai Cohen, Robert Glasper
логотип Усадьба Джаз
Apart from Usadba Jazz, Semushkina founded Art Mania agency to organize gigs and city-scale music events
логотип АртМания
A mother of four children, Semushkina launched the arts laboratory, where talented young vocalists, musicians, poets could improve their skills with a help from star curators and pedagogues: famous jazz and pop musicians, actress Chulpan Khamatova and others.
логотип Usadba Kids
Le Jazz
Le Jazz was a jazz festival aimed, as its title suggests, to promote French improvisational music in Russia and supported by the French Institute in Moscow.
логотип Usadba Kids
among musicians
Richard Galliano, Oliver Ker Ourio, Jacky Terrasson, Richard Galliano, Oliver Ker Ourio, Jacky Terrasson, Stéphane Belmondo, Henri Texier, Bireli Lagrene, Éric Legnini and many others
Maria has produced and organized a number of concerts by famous artists in large concert halls in Russia.
Melody Gardot, John McLaughlin, Parov Stelar, Richard Bona, Erik Truffaz, Tigran Hamasyan, Avishai Cohen, Richard Bona, Eric Leghnini
among musicians
bringing together
different musical
The creator of the project, Maria Semushkina, who is also a musicologist, gives a short lecture about music at the beginning of the evening.
among musicians
Deschanel Gordon
Django Reinhardt
Toby Medland, Dave Kelly, David Hornyblow, John Kelly
Tatyana Golda
Series of monthly events taking place in London's most sophisticated venues. Each event has its own concept and unique atmosphere.
It is extremely important for me to hold events, talking about music in Russian. I devoted 20 years of my life to music, writing about music and hosting programs on the radio. Now in London, with my lectures, I open up a new world to those listeners who want not only to listen to music, but also to learn more about musical culture
Maria Semushkina
the creator of Cult Lab
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